Corporate WordPress Training

In larger organisations we have found that two key factors limit the performance of a website – the website design and function but, often more critically, undertrained staff who struggle to make the most of the day to day operations of your site.

This is where we come in. WP Pro School is run by industry professionals who make websites with WordPress everyday. We know how to make websites that look great but also have the functionality to perform essential business tasks and we specialise in training you and your staff to make sure you are getting optimal results from your investment. 

We offer a complete service that is tailored to suit your business. Starting with a comprehensive audit of your website we identify system design strengths and weaknesses;  a complete security audit ensures the ongoing, safe operation of your website and; a performance audit improves site speed for backend users, site visitors and improves Google search rankings. 

We also examine how the site is working for your staff – what areas they are struggling with and what is working well. We identify core business operations that could be refined and improved. It is also critical to learn how your end users are interacting with the website and how easily they are able to achieve the goals that you have set for conversions, sales and sign-ups. 

Our comprehensive written report assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the current theme and plugins with respect to achieving your business goals and, where relevant, we make recommendations on how to make improvements. 

Where we provide you with a complete report outlining how well your website is performing for you we understand that the maximum value comes from the implementation of our recommendations into the system and operations of your business. Our reports are accompanied by a training manual that provides instruction on how to best work with your website, and with university teaching experience we are well equipped to train you and your staff with hands-on training designed to really make the most of your website.


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